Iran Aseman Air Ambulance (IAAA) Would like to take this opportunity to present the information which will give you some insight on IAAA.

The Aseman Aviation Medical Center conducts periodic examination of crew and ground personnel which is one of the most important index of aviation safety. This center also provides unique medical facility as an air ambulance on 24-hour service for air medical transport of patient.

The center has on-call physician and nurse and is equipped with a Falcon air ambulance aircraft to facilitate transfer of patients and injured to predetermined destination with the speed of 800 km/ph.

The air ambulance is equipped with the most advanced medical facilities and provisions for emergency minor surgeries.


Aseman has the honor to be the first aviation company in the Middle East to provide this type of service.

Aseman ,as an authorized Falcon service center in the region, provides inexpensive services and support to air ambulance, thus, reducing its our clients' transfer cost to the minimum.

For more information please call:
Tel: +98-21-66033781

Iran Aseman Airlines in addition to its routine scheduled flights has provided 24 hour medical evancuation through the utilization of fixed-wing aircraft since 1992.
Iran Aseman Air Ambulance was founded by using experience of transporting many injured patients by aeromedical transport.

IAAA provides its services for all patients, companies and other air ambulance limited.
Iran Aseman Airlines is the sole represntative of DASSAULT- BREGUET MYSTERE-FALCON company in the Middle East and is the unique company in the Islamic Republic of Iran and region which independently with two jet Falcon-20 aircraft operates air ambulance services as well.

IAAA with high performance pressurized aircraft that are fully equipped as an airborn intensive care unit.

Consult our phisicians On-duty to do the needful coordinations on planing the flight according to patients needs and conditions. Within minutes of your call, our experienced flight coordinators quickly make all the necessary air and ground arrangements for “bed to bed” transport services. 


IAAA employs highly trainted, experienced medical personal, Including critical and flight phisicians, emergency and flight Nurses and experienced paramedics.

Our medical crew (physicians, Emergency and  Flight Nurses) are highly qualified for emergency mission, and even in difficult situations they are  ready to departure as soon as possible.

They are all bilingual (Persian / English) and some of them speak a third language as well.



·                     Oxygen Cylinders approved for aeronautical use

·                     Medical and critical kits

·                     Iv solution ,tubing and catheters

·                     Ventilators ,oxylog 2000

·                     Infusion pumps

·                     Suction untis (Manual,Electrical ,Oxygen working)

·                     Oxygen masks and nasal canula

·                     Cardiac monitoring (Zoll monitor,defibrilator,external pacing)

·                     Intubation equipments

·                     Pulse oxymeter

·                     capnograph

·                     Burn care equipment

·                     All necessary ICU & CCU drugs

·                     Traction splints

·                     Specialized stretchers

·                     Portable and fixed oxygen units

·                     Ambu bag

·                     other medical equpment for proper medical evancuation according to patient’s needs are avalable.


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